Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens at the end of the 12-Month Program?

A: Within the 12 months, we WILL fully install THE JOHNSON METHOD (2.0) in your practice. That means you will have had all the training necessary, be provided every important tool – for attracting patients, for advertising and marketing, for treatment plan presentations, and for stimulating referrals….and for providing a new and exciting portfolio of groundbreaking treatments and therapies. We provide you with 12 months on the message board and once your 12 months on the board are completed, you can remain in the Network and continue with the online directory listing, use of the online message board and forum, receive my e-mail and telephone communications for just $19.00 to $169.00 a month. You may choose not to do that, and continue using the Method entirely on your own, absent support. Or if you are benefiting greatly as I expect, if you are enjoying your relationship with me, and want more, you’ll have two different on-going coaching options to choose from. Within that framework, incidentally, there are some very exciting, advanced practice-building concepts. For example, we have an extraordinary System, again combining unique treatment protocols with targeted marketing, assisting families with children suffering from ADD and ADHD, as well as adults plagued by this*. The doctors who’ve pioneered this System are securing $10,000.00 and up/case fee. We also have a System for working with and getting referrals from MD’s that actually works. I also know how to grow a practice, build and manage a top-performing staff without the usual, constant hassles everyone complains about; watch over the money, extract money to create wealth, make safe and smart investments….and in this on-going coaching with doctors past the 6-Month Program for implementing The Johnson Method, I deal with this broad range of issues. Anyway, none of those “after 6 months” choices are important now. You can continue working with me and in a relationship with me if you like, but there is no need for you to do so in order to use The Johnson Method. Maybe the most important thing to know is that your investment in The Johnson Method is not just a “come on” or “first of series of steps” in selling you one thing after another or getting you to the next seminar and then the next. It is “free-standing.” That means you get everything you need (except equipment and supplies) for the one fee and in the 6 months. I know, this sounds like a lot to learn. I tell every doctor who joins The Johnson Method. Take it in, in bite-sized chunks. And I send you a QUICK-START DVD that puts everything in “roadmap context” and helps you start with a few things that deliver immediate results.
Finally, don’t forget about our Internet Ad Program outlined on page 5 of the Free Report! It is a HOME RUN!!!
(*You can get this on an accelerated basis, without waiting, in Level 3.)Finally, don’t forget about our Internet Ad Program outlined on page 5 of the Free Report! It is a HOME RUN!!!




Q: How can I ease my skepticism….satisfy myself that you’re for real….and determine that I can do this?

A: It’s easy to determine I’m for real. You can take a virtual tour of my practice at, and you can see my marketing of the practice – at least the public, early steps of it – Also, the first Friday of every other month is ‘Open House Day’ for doctors, and you are welcome to fly in, get a 5-hour in-depth Observers’Tour/Workshop, meet doctors that are in the program and stay for dinner at my home. Sometimes there are 20 here for that, other times 2. Just phone ahead and make your reservation, 920.739.6971. Most don’t delay getting started, though – they submit their Application, get approved, and then some come in on the next Open House Day. It is definitely NOT necessary to do this – everything you need is delivered in The Johnson Method (2.0), in the Manual, CD’s, webinars and calls with me. The many other doctors’ success reports on the enclosed audio CDs and at demonstrate this is not something only I can do – men, women, big city doctors, small town doctors, they’ve proven the Method. When you drill down to: can YOU, will YOU do it? – and get the same kind of results?…. I’m afraid there is no good answer I can give. Only you can answer that. Only you can decide if you are sufficiently fed up with the way things are and sufficiently worried about the future to radically re-engineer your practice. Only you know if you are lazy or disciplined; smart or dull; a “flit-about” hopping from one seminar to the next in search of a mythical magic pill or someone who is a serious, sensible businessperson. What I can do, though, is provide guarantees. You can complete the entire 6-month Program at zero risk, 100% of fee refunded on request. 





Q: What are the costs – beyond your fee – in creating this kind of practice, featuring Oxygen, Glutathione, Neurological and Nutritional therapies? How much equipment am I going to need?

A: In a word…NONE! Seriously…you can start off by simply treating patient without any additional equipment. Besides, you have most or all of what you need already – at least to start. If you need equipment for Oxygen therapy or for Glutathione therapy, you can get started for under $500.00. If you have a spinal decompression table, that’s great – about 65% of the doctors I’m working with do, and if you do, you’ll get a lot more value from it now. But it is not necessary. And if you decide to add them, I have five of the low-end ADP-400 Chattanooga tables, which you can lease for as little as $150.00 a month. I think these tables are great! There is a charge for the specific metabolic testing from the various labs but no equipment to purchase. My feeling is that you should start treating patients without purchasing any additional equipment. Start charging case fees, treat the patient metabolically and neurologically, get them well and only then consider new equipment. So – relax. This is not a “scheme” to sell you a wagon-load of equipment. I am into LOW OVERHEAD AND HIGH COLLECTIONS!GH 





Q: What if I can’t use Oxygen or Glutathione therapies in my state?

A: This is not a big deal, you can STILL SUCCESSFULLY treat the chronic patient using specific metabolic testing and nutritional therapies. I can show you how to do it!
This program is WAY MORE than simply hooking a patient up to O2. If you can use O2 in your state…Great! If not…DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT, treat the patient metabolically!





Q: Why are you doing this at all? If you’re collecting $160,000.00 a month in practice, why not just focus on that, go fishing, and relax?

A: Again, I certainly understand the skepticism. There certainly are “practice consultants”, seminar givers and assorted self-annointed gurus selling themselves and their information to other chiropractors because they must. The income from their practice is slipping so, hey, why not be a weekend guru? They see others’ big ads in Dynamic Chiropractic, attend somebody’s seminar, and figure – hey, why not me too? Well, I definitely do NOT need your money this week to pay last weeks bills or at all, and I have not created some big, fat mess of overhead with staff, phone coaches in cubicles and seminars all over the place to support. I have much better answers to your question here.
First of all, probably like you, in my beginning – in 1983, I was led down the primrose path They taught me: long hours, stress, sacrifice, fatigue…60,70, even 80 hour weeks….taking any patient I could get (too often, ungrateful cheapskate, non-compliant accident victims more interested in their lawyer’s advice than mine)….an empty checkbook and a sore back at the end of every week. I was told by some to advertise more and be patient, by others to work harder and be patient, by most to simply keep getting better as a chiropractor and success would surely come. In my early years I went to the mall to do spinal screenings, to the Kiwanis and Rotary meetings to network, and to seminar after seminar after seminar mostly to be sold stuff and more stuff. . I even went down the path of the “mind power secrets” – mystically attracting patients and prosperity if only I could get my thinking right. It is 28 years later and I still see the same Nonsense being fed my fellow chiropractors. In that time, I haven’t seen the status of our profession improve, the security of practice improve, or the income of the average doctor improve – and now know that the best way to stay a “poor beggar” at a better address is to tow this line and operate and promote a traditional chiropractic practice. In other words, It is a very Big Lie. I am motivated – and to some extent even feel morally obligated – to expose that Lie and share what I’ve discovered about an entirely different path.
The ACA says that the average chiropractor makes only $83,000.00 a year – and I think that’s generous. Chiropractic Economics says chiropractors with 18 to 20 years’ experience have the highest net personal incomes, only $115,000.00 to $130,000.00 a year…from collections of $300,000.00 and up. Well, I’ve learned it’s not what you bill, service, collect that matters, it’s what you take home. And personally, after 28 years in practice, if I was taking home only about $100,000.00 a year (pre-tax) I’d be embarrassed, depressed and angry. It’s just not acceptable. A guy who owns two or three Subway or Quiznos shops makes more – and works less, and doesn’t heal anybody.
A State Farm insurance agent of 10 years+ makes more. A whole lot of ordinary salesmen make more. I have a patient who I know well, who is a car salesman, a neighbor who is a financial planner, and a friend who is a golf pro at a country club – and they all make more. Just how low on the totem pole should we be? And stay, year after year?
(Obama’s answer to that is downright terrifying.)
And what the ACA and CE average numbers don’t reflect is the growing percentage of chiropractors who are in trouble. Living insurance reimbursement to insurance reimbursement like some lunch-pail worker living paycheck to paycheck. I recently had a doctor with an apparently successful, very busy practice tell me that he collects $100,000.00 a month but then – almost in tears – told me his overhead and his advertising took $98,000.00 a month. He was living on $2,000.00 a month plus rising debt, his house mortgaged, his credit cards maxed, his nights sleepless. This is not uncommon. Very dedicated doctors, caring doctors, very hard working doctors are living on the thin ice of cash flow and debt, sweating out payrolls, late paying taxes, looking prosperous to others – but trying to avoid looking closely at themselves in the mirror. THIS IS A TRAGEDY, and I know for fact it is unnecessary, so I am strongly motivated to share a Different Way. And I don’t just mean a Different Way regarding the business – I mean a different paradigm for patients’ recovery from chronic conditions and achievement of optimum health.
I am a passionate advocate of chiropractic and of related ‘alternative’, non-drug, non-surgical health care. I believe WE are the only ones telling patients the whole truth, the only ones not “owned” by drug companies, the only ones helping people get and stay well. In my mind, we are it. It is that conviction that tells me we deserve to be well-paid and well-respected, and that we need to build big, successful practices to be of significant influence.
Every time I see another TV commercial for drugs with far-ranging, harmful side effects….a news report about the growing “epidemic” of different chronic conditions…..I AM SICKENED AND ANGERED by the Enormous Fraud by the medical establishment, the sickness industry, the government and the media. And while chiropractors have always helped their patients far more, the hard, cold truth is, we haven’t had nearly the impact we should….and labor as second class and third class citizens….because our own models for treatment and for business have let us down! They have not been “up to the task”. If it sounds arrogant, sorry, by MY model IS.
I believe that the varied, diversified care, the integration of traditional, natural chiropractic care with the other natural, alternative therapies is unique and I dare say superior to anything else available. I view my work as leading a revolution and transformation of health care. Nothing less.
Second, I’ve made some big mistakes in my 28 years, that have led, by process of elimination, to a TOTAL METHOD of successful practice, and it would be selfish not to share it – but giving it away is useless. Nobody values what they get without investment. Anyway, I have done a lot of different things. I’ve even done the MD-DC-PT thing – in 2000, I had three clinics collecting over $3-million a year, but taking home a shamefully small income for myself. I have buried myself in unproductive overhead. I have poured fortunes into wasteful mass advertising. I have been promised the moon by consultants who – unlike me, now – guaranteed nothing and delivered less. (I give YOU two rock solid guarantees.) I fought my way to the place I’m in now (so you don’t have to). But I was also helped by somebody, at least pointed in the right and very different direction. I’ve never forgotten that, and feel that the work I’m now doing with other chiropractors honors that. So, let me tell you that story too….
In 1997, I was just about forced to attend a ‘neurology seminar’ put on by a chiropractor named Dr. Frederick Carrick. I made up excuses not to go. I was in no mood for another new gimmick. And even though I was grossing big money, I wasn’t keeping much and I did not want to spend money on yet another seminar. I was promised something different than anything I’d ever seen….
At this seminar, Dr. Carrick treated a stroke patient. The patient was another chiropractor who could only say “99.” How old are you? 99. Is this a pencil? 99. Dr. Carrick then recommended treatments I’d never heard of and told the fellow to come back next month – and I returned to next month’s seminar too. The stroke patient was speaking as clearly as you or I. Yes, I admit, I wondered if it was rigged, if the stroke victim was a faker. But my study, then, of Dr. Carrick and his work revealed to me something very real and dramatic and groundbreaking, although also scary. I decided it was too important to ignore and could offer me “the key” I’d been hunting for and just about given up on finding, to creating a high-status, high-income, high-impact practice. At that point, I was done with “continue what I’m doing but do more of it and work harder” – and too many chiropractors keep making that choice again and again their whole lives. I did not. I saw something “golden”….
The hardest part was not giving up the 1,000 adjustments a week, no free time, ungodly overhead, endless financial pressure and sad personal income. Not giving up trying to “sell” patient after patient with a high-pressure, manipulative, report-of-findings, that created stomach-churning anxiety for me every time I did it. I was more than willing to replace all that with something better, and I’m sure you are too.
The hard part was throwing myself into “neurology.” I wasn’t sure this was something “appropriate” for me or for chiropractors. But a blessing soon carried me the rest of the way forward. The stress of running 3 clinics with 5 doctors and 40 staff handed me severe, debilitating sciatica, and over 6 months, I became virtually crippled. I contacted Dr. Carrick…he got me to a chiropractor he’d trained….she got me on a high-level treatment regimen with oxygen therapy….and I learned through my own experience and quick and dramatic return to health just how much we were “leaving out” with ordinary chiropractic. I was finally 1000% convinced.
The result: my own neurologically and metabolically based practice that gets patients well….from severe and chronic conditions…with efficacy I was never able to achieve and never saw with chiropractic adjustments alone, in 27 years. With it, the basis for an infinitely superior business model for the practice, a high net income more easily and certainly earned, less stress and more status, a different and better life.
So, back to your question, why wouldn’t I share this? Initially, doctors came to me, asked me to teach them what I was doing. I quickly discovered just letting them come to my office and hang out for a day or just lecturing about this was inadequate. To quickly and painlessly put all the pieces together I had, they needed reference materials, training, coaching, support, marketing, and more. As a practical matter, I could not deliver all that free unless I wanted to be Mother Theresa. A business was required. I started very small, very under-priced and worked with a few doctors at a time. Word spread. I topped 140 doctors fully trained and coached by me in 2006. The results – for them and maybe more importantly, for their patients – have been astounding. (You can see patients’ results at Now I offer THE JOHNSON METHOD (2.0), a truly COMPLETE approach to a high income, high status, low stress, and high impact-with-patients, neurologically based chiropractic practice. Over 1,000 doctors are now participating, with more joining everyday! In fact, I believe mine is the fastest growing Program in our profession. And you should know, I have decided to voluntarily limit the total number of new doctors joining to only another 2,500 doctors in order to avoid “mass saturation”. I don’t know if that sounds like a big number to you or not, but given the amazing speed at which we’ve passed 1,000 participating doctors, I think we’ll get to my limit very quickly.
You might ask why I’m not a “regular” on the seminar circuit, at the conferences, showing up at other consultants’ “boot camps” and the like. Very rarely. First of all, I scare many of these folks! They think what I have to say about clinical subjects and about the future of our profession is “too far out there” and “not mainstream” and “may offend” – and they prefer not taking any risks or getting any gaff for presenting me to their customers. And I suppose, purely from a dollars-and—cents business standpoint, they are right. Also, frankly, The Johnson Method so completely re-invents the practice there’s little need for the “scheme of the month” or circus-tent full of other speakers and stuff they sell at these events. Secondly, I like my life here in Appleton and have no desire to be “on the road” endlessly (like Willie Nelson). Third, something of an inside secret: if I bring my Method to you through others, the fee/price must be MUCH higher – that “distribution” and those “endorsements” cost money. Travel costs money too. Time away from my practice costs money. I’ve chosen to keep this business as simple and small as possible, and go direct to the doctor who “gets it” and is ready…at the lowest fee I can offer, not the highest. I’m interested in more than just selling what I know to make some more money. I’m interested in nothing less than transformative health care.
Ultimately, I’m doing this for two reasons. I know my Method can “heal” the doctor who is giving his all to his practice but not getting enough back and not gaining ground in financial terms – at a time when our profession is, as a whole, losing ground and under siege. I also know that, together, my “network” of doctors can help patients heal faster and more completely and successfully. I honestly feel we’re at the forefront of a new “movement” in transformation of peoples’ health. Only you can decide if that motivates you or not. It does me.





Q: How can you justify….feel good about….and routinely get fees of $9,000.00 to $16,000.00….and operate a cash practice (especially when everybody’s being told they’re entitled to free health care)?

A:One of the great, grand old speakers popular in chiropractic when I was coming up, a metaphysical thought leader, the late Foster Hibbard said more people have more hang-ups about money than anything else, even sex – and that goes ten-fold for chiropractors! He spoke of our ingrained poverty-as-virtue consciousness, our fears of being perceived as mercenary profiteers, our acceptance of second class status in the world of health care. It IS deeply ingrained. Because of my success, I’ve attracted such criticism within our profession. I’ve also attracted the attention of many outside our profession, in other professions, and gotten the opportunity to know many high-high-income cosmetic dentists, cosmetic surgeons, even M.D.’s, and other professionals. Dentists who have no trouble whatsoever asking and getting case fees from $20,000.00 to $75,000.00, for example. They have an emotionally healthy understanding of the outcomes they deliver (not pretty teeth – new self-esteem, confidence, social standing, greater career success) and of their own worth. I’m afraid most chiropractors are burdened with an emotionally unhealthy relationship with money, with their worth, and with the true value of what they provide. I carry no such burdens. I am helped in this by the extraordinary, even miraculous results achieved by my patients – and I invite you to hear from my patients and other Johnson-Method chiropractors’ patients at and ask yourself: if you were consistently creating these kind of results, would your own sense of worth and confidence about fees get stronger?
Let me also tell you about a Critical Day In My Life.
I was making small talk with a female patient, Sally R., who constantly fought me on receiving care, complained about what her insurance covered and didn’t cover, and told me she just couldn’t afford “all these adjustments” – even though she felt better with them, felt worse without them. This fateful Monday, Sally casually mentioned, “Could you be a little careful today? Saturday I had a deep tissue massage and I’m a bit sore still, mostly in my neck.”
I was stunned. As if a bucket of ice water had been thrown in my face.
But I stayed calm and in the same casual tone as hers, asked where she’d received the massage. And she told me – in glowing terms – of going to the new, fancy spa on Nicolet Road. “My husband’s partner’s wife told me to go there to get a great facial. By the way, I don’t think you’ve ever met my husband. He and his partner own the big law firm across from the courthouse downtown. Anyway, when I went to the spa for my first appointment, they asked me if I had any other issues….I told them I come here to have my back cracked….and they suggested I sign up for a package of deep tissue massages that would compliment the adjustments and help me feel better longer.”
I was angry. Felt betrayed. Sally’d been poor-mouthing me to the point I’d reduced her per visit charges, and agreed to send her a bill at the end of each month rather than having her pay per visit. Now I knew she was paying big prices – CASH – at a fancy spa. And was married to a prominent attorney. (I later got over being angry at her and rightfully got good and mad AT ME.)
When Sally left, she even put off making her next appointments – because “it’s just so expensive and I don’t want to run up too big a bill. I’ll call you if I start feeling badly. Thanks, Dr. Johnson.”
Thanks Dr. Johnson, indeed.
This was a Critical Day In My Life. I sat down and thought about what had just happened – and how it was certainly a ‘dirty little secret’ among many of my other patients, and other chiropractors’ patients from coast to coast. Maybe you’ve heard the author and speaker Jim Rohn talk about “the day that turned his life around.” This was such a day for me. It liberated me, from being slave to what I thought others could or would pay, and emboldened me to charge what I was worth – and work for no less. Of course, you’ve heard versions of this before and may intellectually know you deserve better than you are asking or getting, but emotionally you haven’t changed. But for good reason! It’s almost impossible to leave your practice the same, offer the same treatments and therapies and expertise, market your practice the same way, speak to patients the same way, attract the same patients – but suddenly command much higher fees just because somebody at a seminar or on an audio CD gave you a pep talk about it! The Chairman of The Great Harvest Bread Company, President of High Point University, a brilliant entrepreneur Nido Qubein says: MOTIVATION WITHOUT FOUNDATION ONLY GUARANTEES FRUSTRATION.
I want to give you a new, solid foundation for decisions, commitment and confidence to be better and more deservedly compensated for your work.
The other reason doctors under-charge, find themselves unable to get patients who are willing to pay appropriately for care, can’t convert to cash practices, struggle with reports of findings presentations and often, secretly feel embarrassed about not being in control is….it does take “high pressure” and it is uncomfortable and difficult to sell people something they’re not interested in! I realized that “Before”, I was “selling” prevention, and people steadfastly remain disinterested in prevention. I was also viewed as providing something “less than”…a “lesser” (or “inferior”) to medical care (in Sally’s eyes, more akin to massage at the spa) – which automatically suppresses fees (as well as compliance). One of the little-understood reasons that chiropractors don’t get more referrals is that even their satisfied patients describe their treatment and their doctor in demeaning terms, in conversation with others – “getting my back cracked”, that sort of thing. Ultimately, the biggest difficulty chiropractors have with the idea of $7,500.00 to $10,000.00+ treatment programs is the certainty in their minds that it will be very difficult to get such fees, that they will need to be a used car salesman turning the screws. My Method changes all that – but not with better salesmanship! – but with a sophisticated combination of a better, multi-faceted, exceptionally effective, neurologically based treatment approach…which positions you very differently and elevates your status in the perception of the patient….literally places you in ‘a category of one’….naturally justifies premium fees….and makes delivery of a more persuasive and compelling presentation to the patient easy and, again, natural. Of course I’d be lying if I said you didn’t need to “sell” yourself, your ideas. And if you are stone-cold opposed to selling, emotionally fearful of or guilt-ridden about selling, I probably can’t guide you to a better practice, and my Method probably is not for you. But if difficult, unpleasant, awkward, unprofessional and unproductive selling, and poor results, is all you’re opposed to – well, that I can fix!
As a side thought, I recently read an exclusive interview conducted by my friend Dan Kennedy with Dr. Michael Roizen M.D. of the Cleveland Clinic. You’ve probably seen Dr. Roizen on his PBS-TV Specials or on ‘Oprah’ with his co-author of the “YOU” books, Dr. Oz. In the interview, Dr. Roizen stated that a critical key to his success is the difference in how he approaches his private practice vs. how most doctors practice, and a key responsibility of being a doctor in his mind – is that he considers himself a salesman, with a need to sell his ideas to his patients and to the public successfully. But he points out, you not only need to sell but you must have something to sell of exceptional benefit, value and interest to the patient, and then, in a closed loop, selling is less stressful and more productive.
Because of every part of The Johnson Method, I – and the other doctors using it – do not have the obstacle of patients feeling entitled to free or cheap, we have a ‘story’ of profound interest to a carefully chosen audience (chronic condition sufferers), and we have the foundation of sophisticated, neurologically based therapies to offer…so the “selling” we do is not stressful and is productive, we feel very deserving of the $7500.00 to $10,000.00 fees we routinely require and receive, and we are prospering while so many other chiropractors are “dying on the vine.” Trust me, if you STILL have a problem with charging case fees, I have an entire section on our message board of “Case Fee Alternatives.”
I will never again watch another Sally get in her Mercedes and drive off to the fanciest spa in town after telling me that care at my clinic is “too expensive.” I have fixed that permanently. How about you?
I can see it working for you – and others – but not me, because…. WHAT IF my area is a lot different than Appleton, Wisconsin? What if I’m in a big city? What if I have a small office without much square footage? What if I’m struggling just to get by? What if my practice is already thriving?
This is what I mean by “disqualifying yourself.” After my first 149 “pioneers” emphatically proved the power of my Method, we zoomed to over 1,000 doctors using the Method….in major metropolitan cities, mid-sized cities, suburbs, small towns, rural areas; with white collar, with blue collar, older, younger; starting in too-small offices with only parts of the Method; doctors in serious financial struggles; doctors with great practices (but who saw the dangers ahead and the need to change). Wherever you are, making the move to re-invent and transform your practice to the futuristic, cutting edge health care clinic…the first of its kind in your area….to treating chronic condition patients with multiple therapies….to getting out from under the insurance giants’ thumb….this is all YOUR CHOICE. I guarantee: there’s something meaningful, beneficial and profitable for YOU in The Johnson Method and my 6-Month Program.
Incidentally, different states’ laws permit and prohibit different things. For example, most states allow chiropractors to administer Glutathione therapy as I do here at my clinic because it’s an anti-oxidant.
We have been coping with these differences across the country since the very beginning, when my first “pioneers”, the first 149 doctors, began re-making their practices to use my Method.
I can assure you, there is no place in America, from Honolulu to Anchorage, where a practice cannot be re-invented as a modern, multi-therapies, neurologically based and advanced health care practice. You may not be able to do everything I do as I do it, and for that matter, you may not want to – but you can do much of what I do and you can use The Johnson Method. The doctors in my Program help each other a lot, using our Private Message Board and Forum, so you’ll not only have my help, but the brain-power and experience of hundreds of other doctors from coast to coast.
Can I talk to or e-mail other doctors using The Johnson Method.
No. It’s just not a reasonable request – and if I hear of you bothering these doctors, I will refuse to accept you into the Program. I did try this briefly when I was just starting to offer my Program, and it was a nightmare. Busy doctors in my Program were bombarded daily with e-mail and phone calls from “curious” doctors – and they even wanted my entire Program explained to them for free! You would not want your e-mail clogged with inquiries from people interested in MY Program, nor your staff taking a zillion calls, so you can’t expect any other doctor to want this either. Over 230 of the doctors in my Program have shared their comments on audio CD’s sent to you….the doctors’ comments (and patients’comments) can be viewed online at, and….you are fully protected by a guarantee for the entire 6 months of the Program….and you’re even invited to an ‘open house’ at my clinic. If that’s not enough for you, I don’t think you belong in my Program. PEROID!
If you continue on your present path, if you continue to practice as you are now, attract patients you attract now as you attract them now, charging and getting paid as you do now… you have rational reason for great optimism? Can you honestly say you feel your practice’s future is secure? Can you see yourself achieving all your goals?
If you can’t say “yes” to MY questions, then please set your questions or doubts aside and try something different….very different yet proven – and guaranteed. After all, if the path you’re on isn’t leading where you want to go, the first thing to do is stop plodding ahead on it. You certainly don’t want to run faster on it! I know how difficult this can be; I faced this very same decision myself. When something is feeding your family and paying your bills and it’s what you know, even if you can see it may be a dead-end, even if it’s “killing you”, there’s a lot of worry, even fear, reluctance, procrastination and excuse-making about any sort of change. But, really, if not now, when? The great author Og Mandino wrote this:

“To be always intending to make a new and better life but never to find the time or courage to set about it is as to put off eating and drinking and sleeping from one day to the next until you’re dead.”

Honestly, are you guilty of this?
Well, now, I’ve brought you a real opportunity. A plan that works, help, coaching and support from me and many other doctors like you who are making these changes successfully. A clear path that can be traveled in just 6 months – not some endless learning that meanders on forever. I am personally committed to your way out of the bluntly dying model of traditional practice and committed to you having a new, better, more secure and more rewarding life as a healer and health care leader in your community – are you?