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I have been a member of this board since 2007 and find it to be the best thing in Chiropractic that I have seen in my 47 years of practice…I would recommend that anyone interested in quality care this board is a MUST!–Dr. Leo Minsky

By far, the best program in our profession. I’ll never practice without being part of this group.—Dr. Dan Boggs

This program is without a doubt the most amazing thing I’ve ever found. I can’t imagine what my practice would be like without it. I never thought that I would find so many caring, helpful and wonderful people in all of the healthcare profession.—Dr. Michael Glickert

I have been with this group for six years and have taken my practice to new levels. It is not practice management but it is practice and expertise enhancement. Anyone in the group is more than willing to go the extra mile to help with a problem or give an answer. I have never met a more intelligent caring group of doctors who not only care about their patients but care about their colleagues. If you want more out of your professional life this is the place to be.
–Dr. Stephanie DeNaeyer

28 years practicing Chiropractor. 5 years working with Dr. Johnson has made a substantial improvement in the quality of my life. More financial freedom, certainty with patients, and the neuro-metabolic part of the program has transformed how I practice and the bottom line is the results I get with patients has been awesome!! I endorse and highly reccommend this program.—Dr. Steve Edling

I’ve been a member of Dr. Mike Johnson’s NeuroMetabolic Supergroup since 2009. Over 34 years, I’ve been involved with nearly every chiropractic consultant you care to name, but THIS board is the best thing in chiropractic and functional medicine! Hands down. Why I say this is that this board has been consistently ahead of the curve on every imaginable service that can help our patients. ALSO the personal support is exceptional, and not just from Mike himself, but also from the other board members who are unfailingly generous with their time and knowledge. This is a very REAL community of doctors who provide exceptional care, and my patients reap the benefits of SO many great minds coming together! You really can’t go wrong checking this out for yourself! I gave it 5 STARS, only because they don’t allow 6!
–Dr. Suzanne Clare

This group saved my practice! It continues to provide clinical insight and wisdom through a forum of hundreds of doctors with thousands of years of combined experience!—Dr. Elliot Hirshorn

I LOVE this forum! A great group of doctors who really want to raise the bar on healthcare, provide a top notch service and be paid a professional income. These docs are my “go to” for the toughest of the tough cases and always give great clinical insight. Dr. Mike Johnson is one of the few “practice management” gurus that actually still sees patients- What a concept! He is always available to help with some advice about staff, marketing or a clinical question and as a neuro diplomate has really helped me with some tough cases. If you’re ready to raise your bar – Functional Medicine and Functional Neuro is where it’s at! Thanks Mike!—Dr. Natalie Lawrence

I have been in this group for around 7 years–and my opinion hasn’t changed. The single best decision I made since becoming a chiropractor. Not only is the information phenomenal, the marketing is first rate and the camaraderie can’t be beat. My practice has never been stronger and I have never been more excited to be a DC. And that’s after 35 years.—Dr. Harry Schick

I joined this group in 2007. This has been the best decision I have made in my practice. Our close knit group has challenged me to become the best doctor. The brilliant minds on this board have shared great advice,wisdom, character and friendships. There is no better place to be in any marketing or coaching group than what Dr. Johnson has put together.—Dr. Tontoh Simpson

Dr. Johnson has an incredible ability of organizing the most complicated aspects of diagnosis and treatment and make it easy to understand, duplicate and put directly into practice. Mike’s program has it all from organizing your practice, marketing, quality exams….it is all here. Plus the collective minds of hundreds of other doctors happy to help. My 6 years in this program have been the best of my 37 years. I can’t wait to see what is on the horizon for my patients and myself. As Mike always reminds us, Kaizen: continuous improvement. –Dr. David Naylor

This is the best group in Chiropractic. Dr J goes above and beyond expectations. This group of doctors collectively give you your own healthcare encyclopedia. They say 2 minds are better than one. BUT, hundreds of brains are better than anything out there!—Dr. Brad Morris

Dr. Johnson is one of the best doctors the chiropractic profession could have hoped for. Not only does he do everything he can to help his own patients, but he pushes us to always be improving our own skills. This is a great group to be a part of!—Dr. Brandon Adams

Joining Dr. Johnson’s program saved my practice. I was able to get out of the insurance rat race and am now 100% cash and doing what I love the way I want to do it. I work less, make more, and am constantly growing with the best minds in chiropractic. I am a seminar junkie. I like to learn what’s out there. Nothing out there compares to what I see in this group. The investment I made in Dr. Johnson’s program has returned to me in more than monetary terms. I am no longer alone on an island. I am rubbing elbows with some of the most talented doctors and business men and women. Dr. Johnson not only has a great thing going here, he is also a man of integrity and a friend. I unequivocally give my highest recommendation to his program and urge you to join and see for yourself.

Dr. Johnson literally transformed my practice, helping me become a well-respected doctor from when I felt like a “second-class” D.C. If you’re tired of fighting with insurance companies, attorneys, Medicare and patients that don’t appreciate you for what you have to offer, this is THE program for you. This isn’t a program designed to make Dr. Johnson rich, but it’s a man with a huge heart that truly wants to help transform our profession and turn average D.C.s into SUPER doctors that help people that no one else even knows how to…and learning to charge a professional fee without feeling guilty about doing so. I’ve been with Mike’s group for about four years now, and continue to learn and grow as a doctor and businessman every year. I only wish I had started sooner!—Dr. John Flippini

I have been practicing for 36 years (ouch) and have been thru numerous consultants and by far this program with Dr. Johnson is the best program that i have found to help make me a better doctor and make a professional income.—Dr. Lee Barbach

We have belonged to this group for about 3 years and I cannot begin to tell you how much we have learned and grown! What may have seemed impossible to achieve 5 years ago-is now happening. My confidence as a doctor, knowledge of neurology, and success with metabolic conditions has been created mostly because of the knowledge on this forum–and the sure passion of Dr Johnson and many other docs on this board! Thank you again, Mike–you have impacted so many lives! ~Dr. Paola Porrone and Rob Birch

Dr. Johnson is a man of high integrity. I have watched him handle many different situations with people that want to take advantage of his generosity and he has always taken the high road. Above all he is a very intelligent doctor and is very active on this board helping each doctor reach their goal of excellence– clinically and financially . Thanks for all you do Dr J.
–Dr. Mark Brygelson

This is a great program. The message board is a wealth of knowledge. This was an a great investment. I have changed the way I practice functional medicine as a result of this board. I am growing as a doctor faster than I ever could on my own. You have hundreds of doctors telling you what is working for them and what isn’t. You save so much time an energy avoiding marketing scams and poorly done seminars. I love this group and gained so much more than the purchase price. I have also made some great friends.—Dr. Eric Chandley

Dr. Johnson’s program is the best thing in our profession by providing EVERY aspect of what is needed for success in today’s healthcare climate. Functional neurology, marketing, research, peer support, and feedback on your most immediate concerns in practice. I have transformed my headspace, clinical confidence and practice since coming aboard the NeuroMetabolic Super Group. I truly feel I can help any patient that walks through my door and highly recommend the program.—Dr. Michael Corey

Hands down the best program for our profession. I can honestly say that I become a better doctor each and every day with Dr. Johnson’s guidance and with the clinical skills I have gained by being a part of this group.—Dr. Ray Benedetto

“Mike has been teaching this stuff (neuro-metabolic work)… and more… for a long time. Mike is, and always has been, ahead of the curve. This is an incredible board. We’re grateful for you, and this forum, Mike.”
–Dr. Barry O’Conner

“I am going to say what has needed to be said for a long time. There is nothing in chiropractic that compares to this board! Like a fine wine, this board continues to improve. This board is THE cutting-edge forum and although others try to copy it, they can’t. Do you know why? I will give it to you in two words, Mike Johnson!
I saw that Barry O’Connor thanked you in another post and I can’t find it, so again, thank you for all that you do!”
–Dr. Ken Mattson

“I agree [with Ken]”
– Dr. Mark Bryngelson

“In my 26 years I have tried so many things and NOTHING comes close to this board. Joining this board is by far the best thing I have done professionally.”
–Dr. Ed Beyer

“Absolutely, this board is the best thing in the profession!”
–Dr. Mark Pederson

“Mike is the driving force behind this and I am so appreciative. We all know he is a little nuts but as…..(I can’t remember who, was it BJ? Sigafoose?) used to say; The big nuts always rise to the top. grin emoticon and Mike Johnson is at the top of his game! I wanna be like Mike.”
–Dr. David Farnsworth

“I could not agree more, Mike you really are the man, and so thankful for being part of the best super group in the country!”
–Dr. Robert Selig

“I agree, 1000%. This board is a very special place to be and has helped me turn my practice around completely!”
–Dr. Doug Pucci

P.S. If you are interested in the MTHFR gene and methylation, we were all over it 10-months ago and we have an entire section on our message board.